A report reveals that four million Argentines consume antidepressants


Four million Argentines consume antidepressants because of anxiety and sadness, according to a report prepared by the Argentine Union of Pharmacists and Biochemists.

Seven months after the suicide of the model Rocío Gancedo, former participant of Big Brother who threw herself into the void from the balcony of her apartment in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Las Cañitas, the legal case that investigates the fact is stalled, amid claims relatives and under the suspicion of professional negligence for the prescription of psychiatric medication.

In this context, a report published this Sunday by Diario Popular reveals that there are 4 million Argentines who consume antidepressants, because of anxiety and depression.

Marcelo Peretta, doctor in Pharmacy and Biochemistry and General Secretary of the Argentine Union of Pharmaceuticals and Biochemists (SAFYB), said that “the abrupt death of Rocío Gancedo, who suffered from chronic depression and took antidepressants, far from being forgotten by the passage of time, should make us reflect on psychiatric medication, which we consume massively and lightly, whose effects are diffuse and its risks increasingly clear, since suicides are more frequent than we imagine “.

A report provided by the expert indicates that in 2001 the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry published that 0.34% of the users of the drug “paroxetine” had suicidal attempts, recommending the control and continuous observation of all treated patients, to detect signs of aggravation of the clinical picture and the possibility of unusual changes in behavior.

While some patients improve with the use of antidepressants at low doses and for a short time, in 2004 the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned that 4% of children and adolescents treated with antidepressants they are at risk of having suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

“Since 2006, all antidepressant leaflets include the warning that they can produce suicidal ideas and acts, and in the United States and Brazil, the warning is even in the outer packaging with a black belt.” Antidepressants are among the most prescribed (and self-medicated) psychopharmaceuticals. given that anxiety and depression are current diseases, very fashionable.In Argentina there are 4 million users, 10% of the population, “said Peretta.

In the work carried out by SAFYB, it is maintained that the risk is the same with the 42 varieties available in the country with basic drugs, which shows the business that this health problem implies: Fluoxetine, Sertraline and Paroxetine.

“Those who are taking antidepressants and have suicidal ideas should immediately stop the medication and consult their doctor,” explained the pharmacist Peretta, categorically. He added: “Before taking medication for depression, you have to start with psychotherapy, individually or in groups, and with a healthy and balanced diet that avoids stressors.”

“Pistachio, vitamin B, potassium and magnesium are natural nerve regulators, which should be consumed before drugs, which besides suicidal ideas, fatten, remove sleep, cause migraines and reduce desire,” he concluded.