ARBA detected 1.5 million square meters of property that were undeclared


Through satellite and face-to-face inspections carried out so far this year, the Collection Agency of the province of Buenos Aires detected, in properties throughout the province of Buenos Aires, 1,518,892 square meters that the owners had never declared before the Treasury.

Based on the corresponding verification and notification procedures, these constructions and improvements were regularized and incorporated into the cadastral registers, which according to ARBA, will mean an increase of $ 53 million annually in the collection of the Urban Building Tax.

In this regard, the director of ARBA, Gastón Fossati, stressed that “through technological tools and field operatives we could end this situation of non-compliance with the Real Estate Tax”, and assured that “now these owners will pay according to their true contributory capacity “.

In this regard, he said that “combating tax evasion and ensuring that all taxpayers pay on equal terms deepens equity and allows us to add new resources that the Province intends to improve the quality of life of our neighbors.”

Through a press release, ARBA reported that the cadastral infractions were detected in around 6,000 different types of buildings, whether buildings, countries, houses, commercial and industrial establishments, recreational complexes, etc. In addition, in some cases these were constructions that were declared uncultivated; in others, extensions or improvements that the owners had avoided registering with the Treasury to pay less taxes.

The parties that detected the largest amount of square meters without being declared were Pilar (188,330 m2), Bahía Blanca (117,932 m2), General Pueyrredón (111,777 m2), La Plata (108,369 m2), Tigre (99,230 m2) and Moreno (91,913 m2).

According to the regulations in force, the owners are obliged to notify any edilicio change before the Collection Agency within a maximum term of 30 days, as soon as the modification is in habitability conditions. If the true situation of the property is not declared within the stipulated period, the provincial agency has the possibility of incorporating the improvements on its own initiative and applying the corresponding fines.