For Pignanelli, “the crisis did not happen, it’s starting and it will be more severe”


The ex-president of the Central Bank, Aldo Pignanelli, warned that “the crisis did not happen, it is beginning and it will be more severe”.

“At the end of the year we will have difficult months, because we still have to see the effects of some decisions,” he explained.

The economist listed as the main issues to be solved “the recession, inflation, unemployment and the fall of public works, all of this affects consumption, especially in the middle and lower classes”.

“The deficit that worries most is not the external nor the fiscal one, but the social one”, affirmed the economic referent of the Front Renovator.

“I hope the crisis lasts as little as possible, I want to be optimistic, but every day I realize that the right measures are not taken, there is a great transfer of income from the low to the high sectors,” he added.

Pignanelli criticized that “the government so far talks about reducing costs and never increasing revenue, spending was reduced through subsidies and interest payments tripled, we have a flight of 2,000 million dollars per month, something is working wrong”.

In his opinion, “the problem is political, if it is solved, the economy can be fixed in six months, but we must not confront it so much.” The government has to make a political agreement with businessmen, the countryside, trade unions, banks, professionals and SMEs: Take eight or ten measurements and say: ‘Let’s go here’ “.