Subtes: tomorrow there will be opening of windlasses and unemployment in Line B


The fight plan that the subway workers carry out against the parity signed by Metrovías and the Unión Tranviaria Automotor (UIA) will continue this Monday with the opening of turnstiles and stoppage on line B. It will be possible to travel for free between 19 and 21, and then the service will not work until its closing time.

The measures are headed by the Trade Union Association of Subway and Premetro Workers (AGTSyP). Metrodelegados reject the decision of the company Metrovías, SBASE and the Government of the City of Buenos Aires to appeal the ruling of the Justice ordering to reopen the table by paritarias in the sector.

Through a statement, the union considered that “it is essential a call to reflection to the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and Metrovías about their responsibility in the present conflict.”

In addition, the union reiterated its “will” to “seek a peaceful solution” to the wage discussions, while warning that they will continue with the measures of force if there is no agreement.

“In March and April there were talks that ended abruptly with the signing of a miserable parity of 13% in installments that has already been exceeded by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which accumulated a rise of 16% in the first semester of the year and an annual expectation that would be greater than 30% “, questioned the metrodelegados.

Last Thursday the employees of the subway freed for two hours the turnstiles of the station San Pedrito of the line To of the subte and paralyzed that branch in complete form from the 21:00 and until the closing of the service.

In this way resumed the protests in protest of the reopening of the joint in the sector, after a month of dialogue with the Buenos Aires authorities.

For its part, Metrovías denounced the employees who adhered to the measure of force and warned that it will apply “the corresponding sanctions to those workers who hinder or directly prevent the normal operation of the service.”