The ANC will join the tribute to the processed Forn and Trapero

GRA299. BARCELONA, 21/08/2017.- El conseller de Interior, Joaquim Forn (i), y el mayor de los Mossos d'Esquadra, Josep Lluís Trapero (d), durante la rueda de prensa que han ofrecido hoy en la Generalitat, junto al presidente catalán, Carles Puigdemont, que ha anunciado que los Mossos d'Esquadra han abatido a Younes Aboyaaqoub, autor del atropello masivo en Barcelona. EFE/Marta Pérez

The Catalan sovereignty now says that it does not plan to organize protests against the King in the acts by the 17-A

The Catalan sovereignty does not plan to organize protests against the King coinciding with the act of August 17 in Barcelona, ​​on the first anniversary of the jihadist attacks in Catalonia, and will pay tribute to the former Joaquim Forn and the mayor of the Mossos d’Esquadra Josep Lluís Ragpicker. After days and weeks of speculation about a possible action by the presence of Felipe VI in the tribute to the victims of the jihadist attacks last year in Barcelona and Cambrils (Tarragona), the different parties and independence organizations have announced that they will not promote any protest against the king.

In statements to Catalunya Ràdio, the president of the ANC, Elisenda Paluzie, stressed that the “central protagonists of the act” commemorating 17A “are the families of the victims” of the attacks: “That is what we have to put in the center and we have to respect all, also the Government of the State, “he remarked. Paluzie has given to understand that the ANC will not organize any explicit protest against the presence of the king in the act of the 17A in Barcelona: “We will not impel things that interfere in that day, that must be of silence and respect towards the victims”.

What the ANC will promote, along with Òmnium Cultural and other entities, is an act on the afternoon of August 17 before the prison of Lledoners, where it is in preventive detention Forn, in tribute to the former Interior contractor; to Trapero, also submitted to the judicial process by 1-O, and, in general, to the emergency corps and the Mossos d’Esquadra for their actions on 17A. The act, “detached” from the tribute to be held in the morning in Barcelona with the presence of the king, will coincide with the visit of the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, to the prison of Lledoners, to meet the sovereigners there imprisoned. For Paluzie, this August 17 will be an “absolutely abnormal circumstance”, as it is that Forn and Trapero, protagonists in the dismantling of the jihadist cell that attempted in Barcelona and Cambrils, are being prosecuted with “serious” accusations for the open cause by the referendum on October 1.

The CUP will not participate in the official acts of the 17A by the presence of Felipe V I: “We understand that we do not have to participate in events with the Spanish monarch, because he is an accomplice to the negotiation and sale of weapons that generate global conflicts, and that they have a lot to do with the unfortunate situation that leads us to the attacks in Barcelona and other European capitals, “the deputy in Parlament Natàlia Sànchez has argued in RAC 1.

Yesterday, vicemnium vice-president, Marcel Mauri, said that in the act of the 17th, “the protagonism corresponds only to the victims and their families”, so he distanced himself from possible boos to the king, while the delegate of the Government in Madrid , Ferran Mascarell, affirmed that the “rejection” that can be expressed to Felipe VI should not “distort” the homage to the people who died. On this same question, the delegate of the Government in Catalonia, Teresa Cunillera, has asked today in declarations to COPE that “no one is bothering” the objective of “paying tribute to the victims” of the attacks of August 17, 2017 in Barcelona and Cambrils. For now, whoever has called a rally – practically at the same time and very close to the event in Plaça Catalunya in homage to the victims of the jihadist attacks – is the association Monarchical Union of Spain, which has called for a concentration on the Rambla de Canaletes de Barcelona “in support” to King Felipe VI.