The dollar cut five-run streak and went down to $ 28.31 (but in the week it advanced 36 cents)


In tune with the world, where the dollar was headed to write down its biggest daily loss in three weeks, the American currency fell eight cents to $ 28.31 in banks and exchange houses of the Buenos Aires city, according to the average that realizes area. com.

The ticket came to accumulate an advance of 48 cents in the last five days so, despite the fall this Friday, accumulated in the week a rise of 36 cents. In this way, he recovered after two consecutive weekly falls.

It was in tune with the Single Market and Free Trade (MULC), where the currency fell 18 cents to $ 27.58 in a wheel affected by the international market where new comments by US President Donald Trump, led investors to take gains after a recent escalation of the greenback.

The dollar index, which measures the greenback against a basket of six major currencies, was on track to write down its biggest daily loss in three weeks. Against the yen, he was heading to record his worst daily decline in two months. In Brazil, the dollar depreciated 1.5% to 3.77 and in Chile, 0.4%.

Trump reiterated his criticism of the Fed’s interest rate policy and the strength of the dollar. The president wrote on Twitter that the Fed’s policy of raising interest rates strips the United States of a “great competitive advantage” and that it could affect the US economy.

From PR Corredores de Cambio, indicated that “a better external climate added to the recovery of other regional currencies with respect to the dollar were reflected in the local level that accompanied the trend of the rest of the markets in which all the exchange tension was partially diluted, at least for now. ” The volume operated was US $ 537 million.

In the local exchange market, the North American currency operated with a disparate and at times lateralized tour in another day of low turnover. The prices were from highest to lowest in a quiet scenario and no official activity was detected in the development of operations.
The maximum was recorded at $ 27.70 with the first transaction agreed, almost six cents below the previous closing values. Market forces were balanced by averaging the day leading to a lateralization of prices that stabilized in the range of $ 27.64 / 27.66 well into the last part of the session. The sales orders intensified in the final half hour of the wheel generating an abrupt drop in the prices that ended the day drilling the floor of $ 27.60 reaching minimums in the $ 27.58 in the last minutes.
In the money market between banks, “money money” continued to operate in the vicinity of 37%. In exchange swaps, $ 96 million was agreed to take and / or place funds in pesos through the use of dollar purchases for Monday and next Tuesday. Lebac rates in the secondary circuit continued to operate with 26-day yields of 47.50%, and 89-day yields operating at 43.75%.

In the Rofex, where $ 370 million was agreed, more than 50% was agreed between July and August with final prices at $ 27.88 and $ 28.89 respectively with rates of 36.1% and 41.3% TNA .

In the informal plaza, the blue climbed 25 cents to $ 28.90, according to the survey of this medium in caves of downtown Buenos Aires. In as much, the one with liqui “subtracted five cents to $ 27.69.

Lastly, the Central Bank reserves increased $ 25 million this Friday and ended at $ 59,736 million.