They claim that 5 thousand cell phones per day are stolen all over the country


Street robberies of cell phones in Argentina now reach an average of five thousand events per day, in most cases due to lack of care for the victims when they exhibit their devices on public roads.

After a decline in the figures of this crime, the problem resurfaced strongly in the first half of 2018 and is feared to reach seven thousand daily events in a short time.

“We are asking that when you travel on public roads, the telephone is not displayed,” said Jorge Giordano, manager of the Chamber of Mobile Telecommunications Agents of Argentina (CATEMA), in statements published Sunday by Diario Popular.

He added that “the victims of street robbery of cell phone equipment have no responsibility in the facts, but the truth is that we are facing a very complex scenario in relation to this problem, which records many cases of extreme violence when people try prevent thefts. ”

“It had been completed in 2017 and started this year with an average of 4,000 events on a daily basis, reported formally, however the first half ended with a figure that reaches 5,000 cases,” he said.

The specialist said that “unfortunately, we must tell the population that this second semester will surely close with more negative figures, and we face the enormous challenge of not returning to the 7,000 daily events of 2016, although everything indicates that we are heading towards there inexorably. ”

“We can say that we have worked from different areas of the Government, implementing measures with the intention of improving the situation, and there was a bit of media noise with campaigns, however the economic factor is causing problems, accompanied by the rise of the dollar and that in times of crisis increases the number of bands dedicated to stealing cell phones, “he warned.