Trade unions and social organizations marched to the BCRA in repudiation of the visit of Lagarde


Trade unions and social movements marched this Friday from 9 de Julio Avenue to the doors of the Central Bank in the city of Buenos Aires to express their repudiation of the presence in the country of the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, and the financing agreement signed by the IMF. Government with the multilateral agency.

Leaders and members of associations such as CTERA, Truckers, Banking Association participated in the demonstration; of the social organizations Movimiento Evita, Clasista and Combativa Current and Barrios de Pie; and of the kirchnerista group La Cámpora.

In a cold day and under a persistent rain, some groups concentrated from noon on the Obelisk, although the main march was called for 18.

The headquarters of the Central Bank was chosen because the first disbursement (15,000 million dollars) of the IMF loan agreed with the management of Mauricio Macri is being liquidated at the rate of 100 or more million dollars a day through the auction carried out by the own BCRA.

Once at the doors of the building located in Reconquista 266, we proceeded to the complete reading of the letter addressed to Lagarde that these same sectors published days ago with harsh criticism of the agreement with the Fund, and that was published on the change website. org to add accessions.

In the text, the opposition leaders described the IMF loan as “odious or execrable”, they argued that “seeking fiscal balance by adjusting social spending leads to the weakening of the domestic market” and warned about “the explosive social situation in Argentina and that will surely worsen as the agreed measures are applied “.

After the reading of the letter, the leaders and members of these groups sang the National Anthem and said goodbye to the cry of “Homeland yes, no colony.”

Teachers Roberto Baradel and Hugo Yasky were also present; the metrodelegado Roberto Pianelli; number three of Truckers, Omar Pérez; the referents of the CTEP, Juan Grabois and Esteban Castro; of Barrios de Pie, Daniel Menéndez; of La Cámpora, Andrés Larroque; and of Nuevo Encuentro, Martín Sabbatella.

The day before, the triumvirate of the CGT had held a press conference to also express its rejection of the agreement with the IMF, since it considered “unfeasible” the proposed adjustment and predicted that “it will open a front of infinite conflict.”

Meanwhile, this Saturday the 11 parties and leftist groups will make their own protest against the visit of the president of the IMF, concentrating on the corner of the Las Heras and Pueyrredón avenues and from there go to the Exhibition and Convention Center of Buenos Aires , where Lagarde and Finance Minister Nicolás Dujovne will give a joint press conference.

The mobilization was called by the Left Front and will be attended by space leaders such as Nicolás del Caño, Myriam Bregman and Christian Castillo, who in the previous broadcast a statement in which they denounced that Lagarde “comes to endorse the plan of social misery and national delivery that has agreed with the Government of Macri “.