Trump prepares coarse ammunition in trade war: 100% tariffs on Chinese imports


The US president, Donald Trump, was willing to apply new tariffs to all imports from China.

“I’m ready to go for the 500,” Trump said in an interview with CNBC. The figure refers to the value of US $ 505,500 million of Chinese imports in the United States in 2017. According to Washington, that year the United States only exported US $ 129,900 million to China.

“We have been scammed by China for a long time,” said Trump, who justifies his additional tariffs for the trade deficit his country has with the Asian giant.

“I do not want them to be scared, I want them to do well,” he said of the Chinese. “I like President Xi (Jinping) but it was very unfair,” he added.

Trump has already implemented new tariffs of 25% on Chinese products worth U $ S 34,000 million and this month taxes on imports will come into effect for another U $ S 16,000 million.

In addition, the US president threatened to introduce new tariffs of 10 percent to Chinese products for US $ 200 billion by the end of August.

After the broadcast of the interview, on Friday morning, the futures of the US Stock Exchange fell to minimum levels.